4D Lottery

Winbox 4D Lottery


 Which company’s lottery can I bet on with the Winbox Lottery?

At Winbox Lottery you can choose from

  • Malaysia- Magnum
  • Malaysia- Da MA Cai
  • Malaysia- TOTO
  • Singapore- Singapore Pools
  • Malaysia- Diriwan88 (Sabah88)
  • Malaysia-Sandakan
  • Malaysia-Special CashSweep(Sarawak)
  • Cambodia-Lucky hari-hari
  • Cambodia-Perdana lottery


How much is the prize money for Winbox 4D Lottery?

Winbox 4D Prize Structure

SA: RM8500

Small/1st Prize: RM5000

Small/2nd Prize:RM2400

Small/3rd Prize:RM1200

Big/1st Prize:RM3500

Big/2nd PrizeRM1200

Big/3rd Prize:RM600


Consolation Prize:RM80




Can I bet on 6D lottery with Winbox88?

Yes, you can bet  6D Lottery with the Winbox88 App



When will I receive the prize after I win the 4D lottery on Winbox?

The price money will be paid out by 8pm.


How to check 4D results on Winbox?

  1. Open Winbox88 App
  2. Click “Ekor”
  3. Click “Results”


How to bet on Winbox 4D?

  1. Open Winbox88 app and Click “Ekor”
  2. Click “Bet”
  3. Choose the company you want to bet on
  4. Type the number you want to bet on
  5. Select B(Big),S(small) or SA
  6. Type in the betting amount
  7. Click the button ( + ) on keyboard
  8. Click ( BET )


How do I know if I have won the Lottery on Winbox?

  1. Open Winbox App
  2. Click (Ekor)
  3. Click (STRIKE)


What is the prize money for Winbox 5D Lottery?








What is the prize money for Winbox 6D Lottery?







How to bet on 4D Ibox with Winbox?

  1. Open Winbox app and click “Ekor”
  2. Choose the company you like to bet
  3. Type the number
  4. Select ( I-BOX) on keyboard .




What is SA in Winbox 4D?

The (SA) in 4D will make you win more prizes, but only applies to the 1ST Prize.


What means 3A when playing the 4D Lottery ?

The (3A)on 4D will give you a higher chance to win 1st Prize , however the reward will be lower.  When using the 3A option you will see the last 3unit numbers of the 1st prize .


1st prize  : 8888/0888/1888/2888/3888/4888/5888/6888/7888/9888

You bet on (888)



What is 3C on 4D ?

The (3C) on 4D will make you have a higher chance to win 1st,2nd,3rd prize on 4D lottery ,the 3C option allows you to see the last 3unit numbers on 1st,2nd,3rd prize .


1st prize : 0111

2st Prize : 1222

3st prize : 2333

You bet on 222 , then you won 2rd prize .


What is SPR on Winbox 4D?

On Winbox88 you can bet any “4D red number/hot number” (numbers which are sold out on other platforms). SPR doesn’t have the highest payout but it will give you have higher chance to win the 4D lottery !


How to bet with “SPR” in Winbox?

  1. Open the Winbox app and click “Ekor”
  2. Choose the company you like to bet on
  3. Type the number
  4. Select (SPR) on keyboard .



What is the prize money for Winbox (SPR) 4DLottery?

Winbox SPR 4D Prize Structure

SA: RM7000

Small/1st Prize: RM4000

Small/2nd Prize:RM2000

Small/3rd Prize:RM1000

Big/1st Prize:RM3000

Big/2nd PrizeRM1000

Big/3rd Prize:RM500


Consolation Prize:RM60


When is Winbox 4D latest betting time?

Winbox 4D latest betting time is 7PM.


4D results

check 4D results.


Can I bet Singapore 4D (Singapore Pools ) in Winbox ?

Yes. With Winbox you can bet on Singapore 4D (Singapore pool)


How to bet (Red number /hot number ) on Winbox?

  1. Open Ekor
  2. Click (SPR) on keyboard


How to check the 4D number I bet on the Winbox App?

  1. Open Ekor
  2. Click RECEIPTS


How to cancel my wrong betting 4D number on Winbox ?

  1. Open “EKOR”
  2. Click “RECEIPTS”
  3. Select the wrong bet receipt and click “VOID” in the bottom-right corner.


What is the advantage of Winbox 4D?

  • The Winbox 4D payout is the highest prize available on Winbox. You have the chance to win RM8500 for every RM1 you bet on. (SA)
  • If you win the Lottery on Winbox, you can withdraw your earnings immediately.
  • With the Winbox 4D lottery you can get extra game rewards. For every RM1 you bet you will receive 0.5% game rewards .